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Sculptural Vessels

I hand build large vessels by coiling. It's a slow process, some can take up to two months to complete. I always work with contrasting contours and volume. The piece is not finished until the contrasts are unified in harmony and the vessel has a strong precence and soul.  I fire them many times to build up layers of glaze and colour and most glazes are developed by myself to accentuate the underlying form. 

A selection is sold at BlackDoor Gallery in Auckland.


Creative DNA

Here are some examples of works in my Creative DNA series. I really enjoy makeing these colourful twirls which reminds me of DNA strings. Options for exploration with colour/glazing and ways of presentation are endless. I have so many ideas to pursue with these. Whatch this space!

Abstract studies

Here At night just before falling asleep, I often have visions of form. They roll in and out of sight like a movie. They're fundamental and architectural. They sometimes look like symbols of another language I can sense but not fully understand.

Lockdown offered many late nights in my studio and time to explore these forms. I'm now working on a body of work based on these studies.



Quirky Cats

Over the years I have worked a lot with the cat as symbol. They are such fascinating, clever and quirky creatures. In many cultures they're considered to be messengers and guardians of the otherworld and for others they're a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. There is so much to explore, both idea and form.

Selected versions are are sold in the Galleries above.

Blue lady

Painting on Form

I spent many late nights in my studio during the Covid 19 lockdown exploring new ways of working with ceramic surfaces. I began preparing them as a canvas suitable for painting with Acrylics or Oil. These are some of the results and it was very exciting to bring my painting experience into my ceramic practise.

Yarn bowls & hanging planters

One of my knitting friends asked me if I could make her a yarn bowl. Since then I've made many more for the knitting community.  I really enjoy getting back in the throwing saddle once in a while to make a bach of them. From one maker to another....

I also make a range of hanging planters for all the plant lovers out there.

You can buy my yarn bowls & planters in the online shop.